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All The Darkness Has Gone In The Details
Audiobulb Records
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January 1, 2009

The Ultre debut release presents structured musical pieces utilising piano, guitar, home made instruments and electronics. Elegant, delicate, complex, organic, bold, charming, melancholy, nervous, or violent. Ultre is Finn McNicholas, a 24-year-old musician from Northern England who started his musical career performing in "loud bands" in the independent music scene. His evolving interest in sound design and composition spawned an obsession for creating solo computer compositions with the hope of becoming a film composer. Computer animation, graphic design and digital media proved to offer a complimentary avenue for artistic expression. Over a period of ten years, Finn has progressed playing home made instruments hewn from metal and wire, composing music for TV, PSP, short film and performing audiovisual shows throughout Europe. Ultre has already made an impact on the live circuit playing his energised and beautiful sets with the likes of (Chris) Clark, Tim Exile, Freeform, Carsten Nicolai and Max Tundra. He has performed live visuals alongside Squarepusher, Aphex Twin and Plaid with Flat-e. Finn's animation work is used as a part of the on going Warp works & 20th Century composers tour which has reached Europe's most prestigious venues. The Album release contains complex digital sounds and the distressed acoustic presentations of piano, strings and guitar. These are set against a context of subtle erosion and beautiful mistakes. Ultre embraces artefacts found within acoustic imprecision, wear, and tear and places them within a frame of digital precision. Sound akin to life - needs to be calculatedly imperfect.


Audiobulb Records

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