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Man Eat Fish
Audiobulb Records
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October 2014
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Sheffield’s experimental label Audiobulb Records welcome Niklas Schak: it’s the first time the Copenhagen-based theatre and film composer appears as Man Eat Fish after having previously released as greatmusic when writing score music. Recollective is based on the concept of lost memory: exploring the abstract, intangible areas of our brains and minds, his freely structured soundscapes float in space. The album features new compositions written and recorded for string quartet, and includes the soundtrack Schak wrote for the short films ‘Breakdown’ and ‘Between Sound’.

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  1. 1 The Breakdown 2:52 Man Eat Fish Buy
  2. 2 Between Sound 2:26 Man Eat Fish Buy
  3. 3 All That Is Solid Melts into Air 4:00 Man Eat Fish Buy
  4. 4 Duality 3:41 Man Eat Fish Buy
  5. 5 Reconstruction (The Silent Duck) 4:32 Man Eat Fish Buy
  6. 6 The Doors 1:44 Man Eat Fish Buy
  7. 7 Material 3:38 Man Eat Fish Buy
  8. 8 Just Beens 3:38 Man Eat Fish Buy
  9. 9 Birds 2:56 Man Eat Fish Buy
  10. 10 The Arrival 3:08 Man Eat Fish Buy
  11. 11 Corridor Slow 9:45 Man Eat Fish Buy

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