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Audible Life
Quiet Noise
Audible Life
Audiobulb Records
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February 2015
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Having seen his music used in a range of film and TV productions, Quiet Noise (aka Adam Wilkinson) has clearly been perfecting his craft readying this LP for Audiobulb Records. There is a sensory focus to tracks like CBT and Trying To Be where off-centre electronica is stretched and tested to create a truly cerebral listening experience. Even in the more ambient moments, there is a lucid dreamlike quality to these compositions which is testament to a producer and a symphonist looking to create lasting moments as opposed to bitesize singles.

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  1. 1 Kinder 5:13 Quiet Noise Buy
  2. 2 Frost Thaws at Sunrise 3:39 Quiet Noise Buy
  3. 3 CBT 3:27 Quiet Noise Buy
  4. 4 It Will Get Better 4:30 Quiet Noise Buy
  5. 5 Longing for Home 4:23 Quiet Noise Buy
  6. 6 Trying to Be 1:57 Quiet Noise Buy
  7. 7 Hold onto Your Ribcage 3:27 Quiet Noise Buy
  8. 8 You Make Being Me Less Scary 4:14 Quiet Noise Buy
  9. 9 I'll Work It Out 4:02 Quiet Noise Buy
  10. 10 Wander off the Path 5:26 Quiet Noise Buy
  11. 11 Set the Day's Pace 4:35 Quiet Noise Buy

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