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Dog's Fart Is So Bad The Cat Throws Up
Dog's Fart Is So Bad The Cat Throws Up
Brothers From Different Mothers
Catalogue Number
BFDM 020
Release Date
June 2019
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The enigmatic Lyon-based trio deliver twelve cuts that span the broadest sonic spectrum as they traverse trancey adrenaline rushes to 303-driven dance epics, through hyperfuturistic hardcore turns and knee-buckling breaksy manoeuvres.

Some of the album's tracks were originally and exclusively conceived for live use and this comes across with a diverse LP that is as equally powerful at home as well as in the club. Big tip!

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  1. 1 Check In 0:32 J-Zbel
  2. 2 Hardcore Jusqu'Au PeF 2:00 J-Zbel
  3. 3 Le Riddim Du Bardouin 2:00 J-Zbel
  4. 4 Mortel Kombat 2:00 J-Zbel
  5. 5 Tunnel Vision 2:00 J-Zbel
  6. 6 Rustie Le Clown 2:00 J-Zbel
  7. 7 Bertrand Au Mont D'or 2:00 J-Zbel
  8. 8 Sebulba ft Simo Cell 2:00 J-Zbel
  9. 9 Pardon Mouloud 2:00 J-Zbel
  10. 10 Excremangue 2:00 J-Zbel
  11. 11 Diablo Verde Part 2 2:00 J-Zbel
  12. 12 The Jzbel Anthem 2:00 J-Zbel

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