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Olan Monk
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April 2018

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The mysterious Olan Monk brings his INIS and ANAM mini-LPs together as one release for the new C.A.N.V.A.S. imprint. These are strange, alien tapes which, if not exactly uncompromising, then certainly aren’t interested in the expectations of others. With styles varying considerably from track to track, the closest comparison would be artists like Yves Tumor and C L E A N E R S. At times the artist will approach weightless techno (‘Sisyphus’, ‘Achilles’); at others we get distorted ambiences that come close to Mica Levi or Dean Blunt (‘New Water’, ‘Paradise (Distant)’); elsewhere still, the likes of ‘River’ are exercises in found sound and concrete. INIS/ANAM is an eerie and strangely addictive listen.

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  1. 1 Down 2 0:34 Olan Monk Buy
  2. 2 Love World (w/Elvin Brandhi) 2:15 Olan Monk Buy
  3. 3 Unrequited 2:24 Olan Monk Buy
  4. 4 Failure Dance (w/Maria Somerville) 3:28 Olan Monk Buy
  5. 5 Sisyphus 3:08 Olan Monk Buy
  6. 6 Paradise (Distant) 3:00 Olan Monk Buy
  7. 7 Zones (Burning, Eternal) 4:01 Olan Monk Buy
  8. 8 Drone Island 1:00 Olan Monk Buy
  9. 9 Yin Yang (w/Maria Somerville) 1:08 Olan Monk Buy
  10. 10 Down 0:35 Olan Monk Buy
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