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Bleep Mix #175 - Body Meat

  1. Bleep Mix #175 - Body Meat

    Bleep Mix #175 - Body Meat

Christopher Taylor’s latest EP as Body Meat represents the next level of the Philadelphia-based multi-instrumentalist's bold vision for hyper-active music, as indebted to pop and R&B as it is to footwork and trap. Taylor offers a handy recipe for his singular speciality with his exclusive Bleep mix, laying out some surprisingly distinct ingredients. Sicko Mobb’s autotune-soaked ‘Boogee’ checks out as one of Taylor’s favourites, whereas hits of Luther Vandross, Marvin Gaye bring an unexpectedly vintage, slow-release flavour to the table. Discos Príncipe and DJ Rashad selections counteract the smoothness with earth-shaking freneticism.

"A short inspirational list of music that I return to often" - Christopher Taylor


  1. DJ Nunex, DJ Famifox - Intro Ludhiana
  2. Burundi Musiques Traditionnelles - Salutation Akazene
    3.Tye Tribbett - GA Live 
  3. Sicko Mobb- Boogee
    5.Los Samplers - Nocaut (Descarga Rumba)
  4. Luther Vandross - The Closer I Get to You (feat. Beyonce)
  5. Mel. B Akwen - BELLA
  6. DJ Fulltono - mY mIND bEATS vOL.11.nOT eVERYTHING tO (bOOTY tUNE)
  7. David Puryear - Live on 6th st. 
  8. Drake - Hotline Bling
  9. Cabo Boing - Swirl Up
  10. Joe Hisaishi - One Summer's Day
  11. DJ Nigga Fox - Hwwambo
  12. Marvin Gaye - Flyin High In The Friendly Sky
  13. Xavier Omar, Sango - The Risk
  14. Maggi Payne - Gamelan
  15. Deantoni Parks - Bombay
  16. Ian Isiah - Bougie Heart
  17. Black Noi$e - Glitch (feat. Duendita)
  18. DJ Rashad - From The Start
  19. Dawn Of Midi - Atlas
  20. 454 - LATE NIGHT 
  21. DJ Lycox - So Quero Pesos
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