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Bleep Mix #160 - Aho Ssan

  1. Bleep Mix #160 - Aho Ssan

    Bleep Mix #160 - Aho Ssan

French producer, composer and Berlin Atonal favourite Aho Ssan is well known by now for his theory-driven explorations of electronic music’s outer limits. His 2020 LP Simulacrum is a head-spinning labyrinth of sonics with a tantalisingly elusive centre — and so any indication of where his electronic avant-garde philosophy comes from might yield some insights. That’s the feeling you get from his revelatory exclusive Bleep mix. Echoes of Aho Ssan’s work resonate in the scorched sub-techno fury of unreleased Emptyset and Exzald S tracks, while his own remix of Childish Gambino’s ‘This is America’ drenches trap snares with an unruly noise edge.


  1. M3g - Retrograde6
  2. Emptyset - Untitled 1 (unreleased)
  3. Exzald S - ? (unreleased)
  4. Ren - Thoughts Leak Away From Me (unreleased)
  5. Temp Illusion - Two Lands (KMRU Remix) (unreleased)
  6. Daijing & Dafeldecker - A Page To A Corner
  7. Aho Ssan - ? (unreleased)
  8. Aimée-Sofia Brown - Twilight and Evening Bell
  9. Aho Ssan & Exzald S - Wondertomb
  10. Pierre OʼMari - Blep (unreleased)
  11. Yves Tumor - Hope in Suffering
  12. Know V.A - Trauma (Exploited Body Remix)
  13. Childish Gambino - This Is America (Aho Ssan Remix)
  14. 9T Antiope - Dose I (Danse Macabre)
  15. Burial - Kindred
  16. Aho Ssan - Outro (feat. The Mensah Imaginary Band)
  17. R Beny - Mamiya
  18. Space Afrika - riot ambi
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