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Bleep Mix #159 - Vril

  1. Bleep Mix #159 - Vril

    Bleep Mix #159 - Vril

Vril spoils us on his Bleep mix. All of the tracks delivered by the German producer here are either Vril originals or remixed by him, and almost all of this material is unreleased at the time of writing. A generous offering indeed, but what’s more impressive still is how Vril knits together these broken-beat techno joints into a cinematic whole, one which maintains a propulsive forward thrust even as it explores dub-techno scientifics, dystopian synthscapes and the keys-led quirkiness of late-90s IDM. The fact that Vril bookends the mix with passages of weightless, widescreen ambience emphasises the evocative qualities of his music still further.

"The idea behind the mix was to focus on an IDM mix for more of a listening vibe rather than for the usual dancefloor live set. Also it includes lots new material and unreleased music from VRIL." - Vril

01 Vril - Intro (Unreleased)
02 Vril - Mother Dub (Unreleased)
03 Vril - Final Earthbound (unreleased)
04 Vril - Batumi Stranding (unreleased)
05 Vril - The Secret Teaching Of All Times (unreleased)
06 Vril - Sohn (unreleased)
07 Vril - Psionik (Ancient Relief Rework)- (unreleased)
08 Vril - Cancer Culture (unreleased)
09 Vril - Batumi Stranding 2- (unreleased)
10 1800 Haight Street - Habit Forming (Vril Remix)
11 Vril - Four2 (unrleased)
12 Vril - TKKG (unreleased)
13 Vril feat. RYXY & His Master's Voice - Keta Cowboy (Ancient Artefacts Edit) (unreleased)
14 Vril - Nachti Dub (unreleased)
15 Vril - Alte Seele (Ancient Bass) (unreleased)
16 His Master's Voice - HPK3 (Vril FX Edit) (unreleased)

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