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Bleep Mix #143 - Kate NV

  1. Bleep Mix #143 - Kate NV

    Bleep Mix #143 - Kate NV

In her contribution to Bleep’s mix series, art-pop luminary Kate NV delivers a selection of tunes which provide a window into her singular musical style. The Russian artist proclaims these tracks to be “for those lazy days when you can’t get out of the bed cause you are tired and the sky is grey, but you are still in a good mood and don’t mind listening to some cheerful music while being in [a] horizontal position". Cuts from Annie Anxiety and Frank Zappa are among the selections here, but what’s really notable is how one can draw links between all of this music and the synthetic songcraft of NV’s own albums. From Talk Talk-esque post-punk to post-minimalist rhythm pieces, fourth world soundscapes to early synth composition, this is a delightful and fascinating hour of listening.

Ditto —World Anthem
Taeko Ohnuki — メトロポリタン美術館
Shiro Sagisu — The Day Tokyo-3 Stood Still
Today's Latin Project — Danza Lucumi
Mori Ra - Tsuru-Kame Hinadisco
Marica — Crazy 'Bout That Boy
Gontiti— 夢の比重
Kate NV and Andrey Bessonov— Cashier
Frank Zappa —The Beltway Bandits
Aksak Maboul —  The Mooche
Владимир Пресняков—Разноцветный Город
Expo- Akachan Konkuru
Imitation - Skating Party
Annie Anxiety - Closet Love
Eygptian Sports Network- Eygptian Sports Network
Konrad Sprenger – Largo
Schlammpeitziger - quietschquarklaute

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