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Disciples alumni 99LETTERS celebrates his new album Zigoku [地獄] on Phantom Limb with a Bleep mix of underworldly selections. Though Zigoku [地獄] directly translates as 'Hell', the Osaka-based producer's mix is less the Nine Circles of Dante's Inferno but more of an ambient distillation of the fiery environs of his own full length. Burnt away by corrosives, the layers of his selection leave us endless illuminating plains to wander laid down by fellow guides KMRU, Coby Sey, Actress, the late great Ryuichi Sakamoto and 99LETTERS himself of course, in particular on his own beautifully longing cut, Owaranai Osaka (未終大阪)

Ruminating on this mortal coil, 99LETTERS explains:

"I had a story in mind before creating this mix. It all started with the album "Kaibou Zukan/解剖図鑑" released on Disciples. The scenery and images that we see in our lives are just like the photos that appear when we press the shutter of a camera, and music is the story that mysteriously appears in our minds when we listen to a song. Everyone can feel this phenomenon. Life is not only fun, but it can also be painful and sad. In the mix for Bleep, I expressed these crossroads in life in my own way, and combined songs by artists I respect. For me, it's similar to the feeling you get when you're on a train or driving in a car. I hope that everyone can be happy in their own way, and I would be happy if you listen to this mix and let it become a part of your life." - 99LETTERS


99LETTERS - Genzitsu Touhi(現実逃避)
AnnaVSJune - Mirrormom
SKY H1 - Bird Strike
Ritreite - Wind
LI YILEI - Murmur
Olivia Salvadori, Coby Sey, Kid Millions - With All The Senses, Su Di Te M'Infrango
KMRU - Temporary Stored
Coby Sey - Eve (Anwummer)
Ryuichi Sakamoto – oxygen | Exception (Soundtrack from the Netflix anime Series)
99LETTERS - Owaranai Osaka(未終大阪)
Actress - Future Spher Techno Version
 Meitei - Sankai (Meitei Remix)
99LETTERS - Kodou with Youji Ueki

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