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Musica Para Planetarios
Eblen Macari
Musica Para Planetarios
Seance Centre
Catalogue Number
Release Date
February 2018

Compilation of works from the much underrated Mexican guitar player Eblen Macari on Seance Centre! We’re super pleased to see label owner Brandon Hocura has gone from selling old stock copies on behalf of the artist to actively getting his music back out there at an affordable price. Top drawer synth, percussion and minimal guitar works that fit in somewhere between Jorge Reyes, Suso Saiz and Glen Velez (we’ll avoid the ‘new age’ trope though). Act fast if you like what you hear as the first Seance Centre didn’t last long!

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  1. 1 Planetarios Suite 1:14 Eblen Macari
  2. 2 Part 1 - Planetarios 2:32 Eblen Macari
  3. 3 Part 2 - Tres Gringos Perdidos En La Selva 1:26 Eblen Macari
  4. 4 Part 3 - Viaje En Topolino Por Los Caminos Del Sur 0:50 Eblen Macari
  5. 5 Part 4 - El Pirata Del Grijalva 1:39 Eblen Macari
  6. 6 Part 6 - Los Suenos Del Pirata 1:13 Eblen Macari
  7. 7 Part 7 - Supernova En Macuspana 1:42 Eblen Macari
  8. 8 La Constelacion Del Pejelagarto (Bambuco 1:29 Eblen Macari
  9. 9 El Grito De La Lluvia 2:21 Eblen Macari
  10. 10 Lux Aeterna 2:08 Eblen Macari

Seance Centre

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