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Background Story
Wandering Eye
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Release Date
September 1, 2017

Panoram debuts his newly minted Wandering Eye imprint with his third LP proper 'Background Story'. Having first caught our attention back in 2012 with the Bleep favorite Accents EP, on the short lived Scenario label, Panoram has been quiet on the release front since then, honing his style of beat-based electronics and smoked-out house, only releasing when the time is right. Having cut a follow up LP on the highly regarded Firecracker imprint a few months back we thought it may be another few years before we heard anything else from the elusive producer. Thankfully he has decided to unleash a surprise return by starting his own label and is releasing a killer new LP to inaugurate it. Panoram really flexes his production talent into the most complete vision of his sun-drenched sound yet. Starting off down the lost highways of 'Mind Puncture' with its tripping guitar licks and dusty electronics, picking up the pace in fine style he meanders through various styles with ease, from the left field 70's psych of 'There Was A Hole Here' to the trip-hop heavy cut 'Black Milk Shower' that sounds like it could have been unearthed from an early 2000's Andy Votel mixtape. The first side ends on an eyes down vibe with a solo piano number which slowly morphs into a half-cut house track. Things fold back on themselves on the B-side with five tracks in keeping with the stoned-synth jam vibes and soundtrack ambiance displayed throughout. A real journey of an LP that mixes elements of the finest 90's Ninja Tunes, pre-jungle Demdikes and the hazy house of Theo Parrish to dazzling effect, if any of those names ring-ya-bell we urge you to check this out pronto.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Mind Puncture 2:21 Buy
  2. 2 There Was a Hole Here 5:11 Buy

    There Was a Hole Here

  3. 3 Black Milk Shower 4:18 Buy

    Black Milk Shower

  4. 4 Background Story 2:30 Buy

    Background Story

  5. 5 Fog 4:37 Buy
  6. 6 Dead Plastic 3:10 Buy
  7. 7 The Persistent Image of the Left Eye 4:05 Buy

    The Persistent Image of the Left Eye

  8. 8 Anamnesis 1:10 Buy
  9. 9 Hyperuranion 3:57 Buy
  10. 10 You Are Correctly Lost 6:13 Buy

    You Are Correctly Lost


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Wandering Eye

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