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Fast Forward
Fast Forward
Music From Memory
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September 2017
4 Tracks
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Four previously unheard cuts from past MFM label artist Workdub. Bridging the gap between PPU-esque low slung boogie strings and stark, almost minimalist drum machine grooves this bedroom produced rhythm odyssey finds a new audience after 30 years of Missouri-obscurity. If you needed further proof of Music From Memory’s ability to consistently source the most alluring, forgotten-about pop leaning gems, here you are. Jamming with his brother Scott, Vincent originally comitted these experiments to just 100 cassette tape copies way back when. If you’re a sucker for spacey 80s B-sides (think 24 Hours from Culture part 1) then this one is a must check.

  1. 1 The New Age 4:53 Vincent Buy
  2. 2 Don't Wait 2:42 Vincent Buy
  3. 3 Be Easy 3:47 Vincent Buy
  4. 4 Morning Love 4:18 Vincent Buy

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