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FABRICLIVE 94: Midland
FABRICLIVE 94: Midland
Fabric Worldwide
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September 2017
25 Tracks
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Midland’s take on the Fabriclive form is similar to Four Tet’s 2011 contribution in the sense that it seeks to bottle the experience of a night out at the London venue. That includes the anticipation, the excitement of getting in, the euphoria of the rave and the train/bus/cab home. Warming the listener up with the Georgina’s floating ‘Pey Woman’, Harry Aguis coaxes out an hour of leftfield techno. From dancefloor faves - Kowton’s ‘Pea Soup’, Daphni’s ‘Vulture’ - to curios like ‘Mukashi’ by Sugai Ken, Midland’s is an expertly crafted mix. That’s right down to his own ‘First Tube’, a track that closes things out in a manner that captures that fuzzy bliss of the ride home.

  1. 1 FABRICLIVE 94: Midland (Continuous DJ Mix) 74:40 Midland
  2. 2 Pey Woman 3:24 Georgina
  3. 3 Mental Marathon 8:13 Even Tuell
  4. 4 Silence (Before Birth) 6:44 Jaures
  5. 5 Monday Mellow 7:51 Juju & Jordash
  6. 6 Vulture 4:36 Daphni
  7. 7 Demented Drums 6:07 Tres Demented
  8. 8 Shoulders Back 6:50 Leif
  9. 9 Warm and Dewy 5:56 Roman Flugel
  10. 10 Lockhead 6:39 Farah
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