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The Beach Goths
Red Axes
The Beach Goths
Catalogue Number
Garzen 006
Release Date
August 2017
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The Tel Aviv psych-rockers return with their second LP, out via their own Garzen imprint. Yoking together psychedelia, desert rock and the groovier end of post-punk, Red Axes make a racket not unlike Goat. Furthermore, they combine sonic exploration with tight pop songwriting skills in a manner also much like the Swedish group. Tracks like ‘Tantram Power’ and ‘Cooked Banana’ blossom from freaky-deaky intros into sweet pop songs in the Grateful Dead mould. Elsewhere the rhythms take centre stage - check the motorik pulse of ‘Piper Work’. And on tracks like the helter-skelter ‘Talmood’, they’re not afraid to go full freakout.

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  1. 1 Ride The Sus 3:38 Red Axes Buy
  2. 2 Tantram Power 4:32 Red Axes Buy
  3. 3 What Is In Your Head 3:01 Red Axes Buy
  4. 4 Piper Work 4:20 Red Axes Buy
  5. 5 Tarzan Blues 3:23 Red Axes / Eylonzo Crotch Buy
  6. 6 Relaxation (For Your Mind And Body) 1:44 Red Axes / Gabriel Broid Buy
  7. 7 Cooked Banana 3:58 Red Axes / Thomass Jackson / Inigo Vontier Buy
  8. 8 Shlomit 3:34 Red Axes Buy
  9. 9 Loosen 3:58 Red Axes Buy
  10. 10 Shir1 4:08 Red Axes Buy
  11. 11 Talmood 4:19 Red Axes Buy
  12. 12 Into Your Arms 2:29 Red Axes / Adi Bronicki Buy

Red Axes

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