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Christopher Willits
Ghostly International
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May 2017
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Ghostly's in-house ambient visionist Christopher Willits returns with a tranquil journey to an ambient horizon.

Having been with the label for more than a decade, it would be easy for him to churn out a new album of glitch-tronics, yet Horizon finds him on top form, expanding his studio to include a "new spatial audio platform called Envelop that allows for more complex sound orientation than the traditional stereo format.".

The results are like a tropical bubblebath of floral field recordings and submerged synthesis that is sure to be a strong look for those into Ryuichi Sakamoto or Philip Jeck.

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Christopher composed Horizon using space as a compositional element. Walls of guitar wash around your head even with normal headphone listening. The release of Horizon focused on this digital release of the headphone mix and for the technically inclined there's a full higher-order ambisonic soundfield also available from Ghostly that allows anyone with the chops to listen through multiple speakers. Granted, Christopher's favorite place to share this music is in a live setting within a multi-speaker Envelop spatial audio listening space, but, for the first time, and for the sheer fun of it, Horizon is now available as a limited disc run in 5.1 surround format for (some people's) home listening enjoyment.

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  1. 1 Comet 6:13 Christopher Willits Buy
  2. 2 Return 9:00 Christopher Willits Buy
  3. 3 Rising 16:40 Christopher Willits Buy
  4. 4 Light and Dark 6:18 Christopher Willits Buy
  5. 5 Simplicity 10:50 Christopher Willits Buy
  6. 6 Rotation 24:40 Christopher Willits Buy
  7. 7 Waipio 9:28 Christopher Willits Buy
  8. 8 Two 4:34 Christopher Willits Buy

Christopher Willits

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