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Zen Brakes Vol. 2
Bogus Order
Zen Brakes Vol. 2
Ahead Of Our Time
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Release Date
July 2017

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Epic release here from the duo behind the maiden Ninja Tune release. Debuting 27 years ago with Zen Brakes, Bogus Order went into hibernation after releasing their follow up 12” in 1991. No longer asleep, Zen Brakes Vol. 2 is the product of almost one third of a lifetime spent contemplating, learning and (most probably) drinking! The music lives up to Vol. 1, albeit far more modern sounding (duh). Broken beat drum abstractions and rich ambient synth textures blend together to create hyper contemporary ‘IDM’ or whatever term is favoured by purists.

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  1. 1 Ex Voto 3:25 Bogus Order Buy
  2. 2 Sometimes It Hurts 5:13 Bogus Order Buy
  3. 3 Soco Mania 4:57 Bogus Order Buy
  4. 4 Bullnose Step 4:00 Bogus Order Buy
  5. 5 Stooge 5:35 Bogus Order Buy
  6. 6 Flight 4 6:40 Bogus Order Buy
  7. 7 The Atlantic Affair 3:51 Bogus Order Buy
  8. 8 Waiting On Your Call 4:36 Bogus Order Buy
  9. 9 It?s Up 2 4:57 Bogus Order Buy
  10. 10 Can You Believe It 4:50 Bogus Order Buy
  11. 11 Step Up (Bonus Track) 3:55 Bogus Order

Bogus Order

Ahead Of Our Time

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