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High Plains
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March 2017
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An intriguing combination on paper, ambient techno’s Scott Morgan (better known as Loscil) and classical cellist Mark Bridges retreated to rural Wyoming for a fortnight in 2016 to record Cinderland. Sourcing sounds largely from area around their studio as well as Bridges’ cello and a Steinway piano, the pair have created a record of great emotional intensity. An obvious comparison would be the Remain Calm collaboration between Mica Levi and Oliver Coates, but the way the record crests atop Bridges’ playing to form grand sonic peaks is more reminiscent of the beatless tracks on Coates’s Upstepping. At times Morgan carefully curates his found sounds to spin out tender, fragile micro-grooves; at others his dense layering and widescreen treatment of Bridges’s cello recalls the grandiosity of post-rock.

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  1. 1 Cinderland 2:00 High Plains
  2. 2 Blood That Ran The Rapids 2:00 High Plains
  3. 3 The Dusk Pines 2:00 High Plains
  4. 4 A White Truck 2:00 High Plains
  5. 5 Ten Sleep 2:00 High Plains
  6. 6 Black Shimmer 2:00 High Plains
  7. 7 Hypoxia 2:00 High Plains
  8. 8 Rushlight 2:00 High Plains
  9. 9 Song For A Last Night 2:00 High Plains


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