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Sound Of Stereo / Off To Battle
Model 500
Sound Of Stereo / Off To Battle
Catalogue Number
M 011
Release Date
November 2016

A lesser known but absolutely stone cold classic of Detroit techno from Model 500 given its first ever reissue, some 29 years since it first came out.

Considering how old this plate is, it's remarkable just how fresh it still sounds. Given a fresh press in Juan Atkin's home (and for that techno's!) home of Detroit, this 12" is a prime time slice of classic first wave-Detroit techno. Wearing it's Kraftwerk influence on its sleeve, whilst bringing in an electro sheen that adds a cold yet funky sound, Sound Of Stereo mixes a strong robotic groove, but moves it from the lab to the dancefloor explosive results.

On the reverse, Off To Battle & Electric Entourage are more peak time acidic groovers that whilst predating the past three decades of dance music, still outshine the majority of what was to follow.

Playing these tunes should be an absolutely essential practice for anyone anywhere anytime.

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  1. 1 Sound Of Stereo (Revamp) Model 500 1:22
  2. 2 Sound Of Stereo (Instrumental) Model 500 1:21
  3. 3 Off To Battle Model 500 1:24
  4. 4 Electric Entourage Model 500 1:23

Model 500


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