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1-800 Dinosaur Presents: Trim
1-800 Dinosaur Presents: Trim
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July 2016
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1-800 Dinosaur Presents: Trim, the debut album from one of the most unique MC's around, featuring an all-star cast of outer edges grime/techno/hip-hop dons: Airhead, Happa, Bullion, Boothroyd, Klaus, Dan Foat & James Blake.

Having always operated on the outer fringes of grime, Trim's selection for production talent on his 1-800 album goes a long way to showing the experimental nature of his approach to the scene and sound. Calling on a pool of talent that sees label head Blake turning in his most sterling work since 2014's 200 Press with the rapid fire RPG, this is backed up with the other head dinosaur Dan Foat's slinky late night UKG shuffle on 13th Apostle. Airhead fresh from his astronomical Different Circles debut turns in three toasters that move from the sci-fi mentasm's of Stretch, the dubplate style minimalism of recent single Man Like Me and the sub heavy digital badboy jungle rooted flex of Waco. Elsewhere the much-anticipated return of Boothroyd, following up from his killer Rinse 12" with Maxsta, he blends more twisted euphoric beats with White Room. While Klaus adopts his sparse 05 DMZ atmospherics to Seeker before Bullion's hip-hop roots swing in with Among The Living and industrial techno's youngest honcho Happa slows the drums down to trap tempos but adds a solid EQ set to the maximum jack.

1-800 Dinosaur Presents: Trim is sure to stand as a milestone in grime, coming at a time when weightless white label 12"s fix up next to high rise climbing chart albums, Trim's put together an album that blends the best of both worlds, whilst it has crossed over appeal its feet stay strictly in the avant-garde, pushing things FWD whilst keeping them strictly 4 the underground.

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  1. 1 Stretch 3:33 Trim Buy
  2. 2 Before I Lied 3:23 Trim Buy
  3. 3 Man Like Me 2:57 Trim Buy
  4. 4 Waco 3:58 Trim Buy
  5. 5 Among the Living 3:25 Trim Buy
  6. 6 RPG 2:39 Trim Buy
  7. 7 White Room 2:11 Trim Buy
  8. 8 13th Apostle 3:47 Trim Buy
  9. 9 Seeker 3:56 Trim Buy
  10. 10 No Manners 2:54 Trim Buy



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