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Eternal Love
Dawn Mok
Eternal Love
Catalogue Number
Release Date
November 2015
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Dawn Mok is an open collective featuring members from across the US, Asia, and Europe, but it’s mostly a vehicle for founding member Felix Mura and vocalist Bundi. After Dial included Dawn Mok’s track ‘Like Thoughts Or Moments We’ll Fall’ on their 15th birthday compilation earlier in 2015, the label are releasing an album from the crew called Eternal Love. Eternal Love is something like an R&B record that’s been broken down, with some incredibly lush melodies and Art of Noise-esque sound designs underscoring tender and emotional vocal songwriting. The album was mixed by Ville Haimala (Renaissance Man) and mastered by Rashad Becker (PAN).

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  1. 1 Untitled 4:28 Dawn Mok Buy
  2. 2 Downpour 2:31 Dawn Mok Buy
  3. 3 What We Came to Be 2:39 Dawn Mok Buy
  4. 4 You Ended Up Being All I Know 3:49 Dawn Mok Buy
  5. 5 Like Thoughts or Moments We'll Fall 3:10 Dawn Mok Buy
  6. 6 Fade 3:29 Dawn Mok Buy
  7. 7 (Interlude I) 1:08 Dawn Mok Buy
  8. 8 End 3:08 Dawn Mok Buy
  9. 9 Daze 3:28 Dawn Mok Buy
  10. 10 Still With You 4:39 Dawn Mok Buy
  11. 11 Fade Down, You're My Evidence 4:06 Dawn Mok Buy
  12. 12 (Interlude II) 1:39 Dawn Mok Buy
  13. 13 (Interlude III) 1:43 Dawn Mok Buy
  14. 14 Time 3:21 Dawn Mok Buy
  15. 15 (Hidden Track) 2:59 Dawn Mok Buy


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