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Rock Action Records
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October 2015
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Named after the central belt of Scotland where the band hail from, Mogwai celebrate their 20th anniversary with this epic retrospective built from career highlights, standalone singles, and rare unheard cuts chronicling their golden run as true post-rock giants. As the tracklist shows, this is an odyssey through their creative evolution. From cuts like Christmas Steps and CODY taken from 1999’s Come On Die Young right through to Half Time – a stunning composition lifted from their 2006 soundtrack to Douglas Gordon’s portrait of Zidane. The collection closes – aptly – with My Father My King, a characteristically epic 20-minute opus from 2001 showing just why Mogwai deserve to be celebrated in such an elaborate fashion.

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  1. 1 Summer 4:27 Mogwai Buy
  2. 2 Helicon 1 5:57 Mogwai Buy
  3. 3 CODY 6:35 Mogwai Buy
  4. 4 Christmas Steps 10:39 Mogwai Buy
  5. 5 I Know You Are But What Am I? 5:18 Mogwai Buy
  6. 6 Hunted by a Freak 4:17 Mogwai Buy
  7. 7 Stanley Kubrick 4:15 Mogwai Buy
  8. 8 Take Me Somewhere Nice 6:59 Mogwai Buy
  9. 9 Two Rights Make One Wrong 9:33 Mogwai Buy
  10. 10 Mogwai Fear Satan 16:21 Mogwai Buy
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