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The Big Gundown (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Ennio Morricone
The Big Gundown (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
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October 2015

It was his music for the now classic Italian westerns of the 60s that helped composer mastermind Ennio Morricone rise to international fame: reissue label Mondo are bringing back his soundtrack for Sergio Sollima’s 1966 film The Big Gundown on vinyl, with its 25 tracks split across two heavyweight 45rpm records. Considered to be one of the greatest spaghetti westerns of its times, the film outlines the conflict of a corrupt, powerful leader and a scapegoat peasant, referencing the Mexican revolution. This tension is reflected in the galloping drums and wild harmonic progressions of the soundtrack, its brass instruments expressing the steely determination of the characters. Comes with an insert including an exclusive interview with Morricone, and in a gatefold sleeve designed by American comic book artist Geof Darrow.


###Side 1

1.Run Man Run 2.La Vedova 3.Titoli Di Testa (La Caccia) 4La Corrida 5.Dopo La Condanna 6.Primo Deserto

###Side 2

1.La Condanna 2.La Resa 3.La Resa Dei Conti (Seconda Caccia) 4.Arriva Cucillo 5.Coro Dei Mormoni 6.Secondo Deserto 7.Titola Di Coda (La Resa Dei Conti) 8.Corri Uomo Corri

###Side 3

1.Arriva Cucillo (Lunga version) 2.La Resa Dei Conti (Titoli - Ripresa) 3.Primo Deserto (Jonathan Corbett) 4.La Vedova (Il Ranch) 5.Primo Deserto (Arriva Corbett) 6.La Resa Dei Conti (Square Dance Nuziale)

###Side 4

1.Primo Deserto (Il Morso Del Serpente) 2.La Resa Dei Conti (Rosita) 3.Primo Deserto (Preso Nell'Imboscata) 4.La Resa Dei Conti (Mariachi) 5.Run Man Run (Titoli Di Coda)

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  1. 1 Run Man Run 1:24 Ennio Morricone
  2. 2 La Vedova 0:35 Ennio Morricone
  3. 3 Titoli Di Testa (La Caccia) 1:19 Ennio Morricone

Ennio Morricone

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