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Angel Plague
Catalogue Number
Release Date
October 12, 2015
  • Vinyl 2×LP

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    • Pressed on double clear white vinyl
    • Housed inside a fully printed sleeve with photography by Silent Editions
    • Limited to 300 copies worldwide

    Available: September 24, 2015


Remaining a shadowy figure on the fringes of techno since 1996 Peter Sutton aka Female truly is an unsung hero of underground UK industrial music. Having founded the legendary techno label Downwards with some-time production partner Karl O'Connor aka Regis as well as collaborating in various guises with O'Connor including Female / Regis, Reality Or Nothing and playing a founding role in the evolution and lineage of the post-minimal group Sandwell District he has constantly been hidden in the shadows but remaining at the forefront of UK techno. Female is a major player in the lineage of industrial electronic music that starts with Throbbing Gristle and Cabaret Voltaire and goes onto modern day artists and cliques such as Raime and the Blackest Ever Black continuum and Angel Plague is perhaps his greatest moment. A gigantic succession of hard as nails pounding breakbeat drums rallying up against a greyscale psychedelia backdrop of techno at its most purest form that sounds at once hugely violent but also incredibly hypnotic. Unavailable since 2003, this timeless reissue stands as a reminder of the boundary-pushing sounds that came out of Birmingham in the 90s and with its vast slabs of sound can not fail to draw even the most lean techno fan inwards and downwards.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 No Sense / No Reason 5:17 Buy

    No Sense / No Reason

  2. 2 My Untied Hands 5:09 Buy

    My Untied Hands

  3. 3 Day in Day Out 4:50 Buy

    Day in Day Out

  4. 4 Because the Night 5:01 Buy

    Because the Night

  5. 5 Looking Through the Eyes of Love 4:43 Buy

    Looking Through the Eyes of Love

  6. 6 Surrounded By Enemies 4:56 Buy

    Surrounded By Enemies

  7. 7 Skin Test 5:02 Buy
  8. 8 Drawing Me In 5:15 Buy



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