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Perseus Traxx
An Apparent Horizon
Cyber Dance
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June 16, 2014


Perseus Traxx joins forces with Ali Renault's Cyber Dance Records with this gorgeous release. Cybernetic grooves and disco rhythms collide on An Apparent Horizon, a thoroughly retro package. Perseus Traxx indulges in classic sounds with aplomb here, all early techno and electro from a modern vantage point. 'Lost Dreams' is a whirlwind of hi-hats and synth melodies, aquatic effects jumping up and down amidst a bevy of claps. 'Reverse The Trend' is the most playful of the bunch, a frivolous melody hopping about while a snarling bassline gives the track real bite. 'Darkness Stalks' imbues what could be a lost Juan Atkins outtake with a searing clatter of sounds, shaking up what could otherwise be '80s pastiche with chilling sounds and effects. 'Distances' throws its percussive beauty through waves of phase, heartbreaking chords falling in underneath while unusually arpeggiated synths dance above.

Perseus Traxx

Dancefloor and Techno

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