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Livity Sound
Various Artists
Livity Sound
Livity Sound
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October 2013
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Bristolians Peverlist, Kowton and Assusu gather the productions that they have released under the name Livity Sound in previous months at an alarming rate. The tracks collected here present a re-orientation of heavy, oppressive textures from a dubstep framework towards techno templates. The numerous joint productions from Peverlist and Kowton impress as one would expect from such a prestigious pairing. ‘Vapours’ has a chilly synthetic wind blowing behind its muscly 808 rhythms, while ‘End Point’ feels more open, with expansive square-wave pads cushioning the trademark insistent percussion. Asusu’s ‘Too Much Time Has Passed’ is the pick of a high quality crop, with gurning low bursts submerged to an extent that they become subtly sinister behind ticking-bomb rolling rhythms.

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  1. 1 Beneath Radar (Kowton Mix) 6:02 Kowton / Asusu Buy
  2. 2 Raw Code 5:56 Kowton / Asusu Buy
  3. 3 More Games 5:41 Kowton Buy
  4. 4 Aztec Chant 6:12 Peverelist Buy
  5. 5 Remnants 6:02 Peverelist / Asusu Buy
  6. 6 Sister 6:28 Asusu Buy
  7. 7 Erosions 6:53 Peverelist Buy
  8. 8 Rendering 6:48 Asusu Buy
  9. 9 Livity 6:09 Peverelist Buy
  10. 10 Surge 5:52 Peverelist / Asusu Buy
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Livity Sound

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