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Liquid DnB-like Ambient Grime 2
Liquid DnB-like Ambient Grime 2
Sneaker Social Club
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February 16, 2024

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The Iceman Junglist Kru distil a lifetime of crate digging from behind the counter of various wax retailing establishment in their latest project Liquid DnB-like Ambient Grime 2, traversing the harcore continuum with fangs bared. Where the sound design of projects like Stonecirclesampler and Superior London Pulp appear in murky low frequency murmurs and sludged out voices, this EP drives headfirst into hard as nails rhythms split by the occasional red hot flare of breakbeats. Stretched out breakbeat clashes and crashes shatter the overdriven beat ballistics of ‘06 Dubstep Mix’, meanwhile ‘22 Grime Mix’ rips up rhythms and reverb throws with moody sub bass and converging distorted synths.

This EP not only displays a deft knowledge of many corners of the racks, but also ability to extract what makes each truly great. In honor of the dubplate tradition the wax is limited invoking buy now or cry later status. We're not sure what's going to come next from the producer, but we're all locked in, huddled round our 1210's eagerly waiting.

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Sneaker Social Club

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Dancefloor and Techno

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