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Sarah Davachi
Long Gradus: Arrangements
Late Music
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November 3, 2023

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Sarah Davachi has a deep understanding of musical dimensions: the physical bodies of instruments, the spaces they resonate in, and the time their sounds elapse through. Her vast musical knowledge has led to a rich discography infatuated with psychoacoustics, yet rarely has she gotten the chance to work with ensembles in the extended time periods her music evokes. Long Gradus was gifted months of refinement by chance after Quatuor Bozzini's 2020 Composer’s Kitchen residency was postponed to 2021; now in its third year of touring, the original string quartet composition is released with expansive rearrangements for a cornucopia of instruments.

Long Gradus explores the blurring of notes and harmonies alongside the structure of phrases those harmonies create. What results is an open air feeling to the layering of notes, where individual pitches seem wed to a grand cycle pulling them in and out of view. As the composition evolves throughout its four parts, its range expands, with fragile highs exposing themselves over anchoring bass notes. Something about the recording makes it seem much larger than a quartet performance, perhaps due to the fullness of the strings, which make their material known in the raw, wooden texture of their sounds. Or perhaps from the harmonics they generate: throbbing overtones arise from lapping baths of bows, like adding coats of paint and watching new colours emerge with each brushstroke. The listener eagerly latches onto these subtleties of sound, as the performers carefully eke them out with strategic patience.

Long Gradus is one of Sarah Davachi's most fully realised works yet, as composer, performer, and audience alike revel in the immersive space and outstretched time that it was made in.

The 2xLP and 1xCD are 4 tracks and feature the Bozzini Quartet's string quartet version of Long Gradus
The 4xCD is 16 tracks and features all 4 interpretations of Long Gradus, spread across 4 discs

All physical formats come with WAV/FLAC of the full 4 interpretations of Long Gradus

Mixed by Sarah Davachi
Mastered by Sean McCann

Digital Tracklist

Disc 1

  1. 1 Long Gradus (strings): Part I 17:06
  2. 2 Long Gradus (strings): Part II 15:39
  3. 3 Long Gradus (strings): Part III 17:36
  4. 4 Long Gradus (strings): Part IV 17:46 Buy

    Long Gradus (strings): Part IV

Disc 2

  1. 1 Long Gradus (woodwinds): Part I 16:57
  2. 2 Long Gradus (woodwinds): Part 2 15:32
  3. 3 Long Gradus (woodwinds): Part 3 17:15
  4. 4 Long Gradus (woodwinds): Part 4 17:43

Disc 3

  1. 1 Long Gradus (brass & organ): Part I 16:47
  2. 2 Long Gradus (brass & organ): Part 2 15:30
  3. 3 Long Gradus (brass & organ): Part 3 17:10
  4. 4 Long Gradus (brass & organ): Part 4 17:39

Disc 4

  1. 1 Long Gradus (choir & electronics): Part I 17:00
  2. 2 Long Gradus (choir & electronics): Part 2 15:42
  3. 3 Long Gradus (choir & electronics): Part 3 17:16
  4. 4 Long Gradus (choir & electronics): Part 4 17:37
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Sarah Davachi

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Sarah Davachi

Late Music

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