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Spooky Action At a Distance
Lotus Plaza
Spooky Action At a Distance
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April 2012
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Lockett Pundt, more commonly known as the guitarist from Deerhunter, presents his second LP, ‘Spooky Action at a Distance’. The album is a showcase for Pundt’s infectious songwriting skills, faint flashes of signature Deerhunter heard amidst the dreamy haze. Driven by looping beats, confident drum rolls and crashing percussion, Pundt’s music thrives off of a sense of craft, songs created with purpose and structure, yet comfortable enough to lose themselves within their dreams.

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  1. 1 Untitled 1:25 Lotus Plaza Buy
  2. 2 Strangers 4:30 Lotus Plaza Buy
  3. 3 Out of Touch 4:33 Lotus Plaza Buy
  4. 4 Dusty Rhodes 3:38 Lotus Plaza Buy
  5. 5 White Galactic One 4:06 Lotus Plaza Buy
  6. 6 Monoliths 3:35 Lotus Plaza Buy
  7. 7 Jet Out of the Tundra 6:33 Lotus Plaza Buy
  8. 8 Eveningness 5:05 Lotus Plaza Buy
  9. 9 Remember Our Days 5:07 Lotus Plaza Buy
  10. 10 Black Buzz 5:30 Lotus Plaza Buy

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