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Vector Lovers
Capsule For One (Special Edition)
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December 9, 2022


Vector Lovers’ first masterpiece Capsule For One caused an absolute stir upon its initial release in 2005. Vector’s producer’s debut for beloved British label Soma was also his release outside his own Iwari imprint where the somewhat reclusive producer tinkered away at a sound dipped in nostalgia for the early 90’s braindance movement that also had a watchful eye on all things current in UK dance. Mark Wheeler, the man behind Vector Lovers has now remixed each track for this all new reissue, drawing even more emotion out from classics like ‘Substrata’ and ‘Nostalgia 4 The Future’ while also tacking on two previously unheard gems from the same sessions.

For its release on Lapsus Records, Martin Wheeler has remixed each and every song on 'Capsule for One', as well as adding two previously unreleased tracks 'A Simulation' and 'Perfect Score', both produced around the same epoch.

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 City Lights from a Train (2022 version) 4:22 Buy

    City Lights from a Train (2022 version)

  2. 2 Arrival, Metropolis (2022 version) 4:53 Buy

    Arrival, Metropolis (2022 version)

  3. 3 Substrata (2022 version) 5:40 Buy

    Substrata (2022 version)

  4. 4 Microtron (2022 version) 7:03 Buy

    Microtron (2022 version)

  5. 5 Nostalgia 4 the Future (2022 version) 5:23 Buy

    Nostalgia 4 the Future (2022 version)

  6. 6 Post Arctic Industries (2022 version) 6:20 Buy

    Post Arctic Industries (2022 version)

  7. 7 Melodies & Memory (2022 version) 5:32 Buy

    Melodies & Memory (2022 version)

  8. 8 Empty Buildings, Falling Rain (2022 version) 5:23 Buy

    Empty Buildings, Falling Rain (2022 version)

  9. 9 Boulevard (2022 version) 10:00 Buy

    Boulevard (2022 version)

  10. 10 Neon Sky Rain (2022 version) 4:11 Buy

    Neon Sky Rain (2022 version)

  11. 11 Capsule for One (2022 version) 6:31 Buy

    Capsule for One (2022 version)

  12. 12 To the Stars (2022 version) 7:25 Buy

    To the Stars (2022 version)

  13. 13 A Simulation (unreleased) 5:27 Buy

    A Simulation (unreleased)

  14. 14 Perfect Score (unreleased) 3:53 Buy

    Perfect Score (unreleased)

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