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Euphoric Attempts
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October 14, 2022

"While focusing on the current conditions we find ourselves in and bracing for what seems like the collapse of humanity, I made this collection of music in an attempt to ignite the essential remnants of my inner euphoria, and perhaps yours too" - Feldermelder

Euphoric Attempts is a finespun, voluminous manifestation of euphoria, a testimony to creativity, produced at a time when the outside world seems to be slowly disintegrating. The musical language is pure, vast, resilient, and vulnerable. The compositions of Feldermelder have a tonality both strange and familiar, intensified and influenced by classical music, yet distinguished by the coalescence of contrasting styles.

Euphoric Attempts relates to the state of our external surroundings but also refers to our inner life: it passes through our memories — through our organism — through our stories, and intends to elude the cold grip of analytical listening, instead retrieving intrinsic truths. The track titles signify a form of homage to our inner individuality, existing in parallel with the severities of the tangible, the external.

For this album, Feldermelder draws together compositions from his extensive archives, focussing on material that reflects the simple joy of making music. As a counterpoint to the abstract complexities and intricate rhythms of his live performances, here Feldermelder creates candid compositions of purity and minimalism, finding a sense of elegance in the details. Euphoric Attempts discovers the prospect of liberation and vitality in concealed intimacies, capturing their resemblance in gentle, elaborate, and prodigious movements of sound.

Feldermelder is a Swiss musician, sound designer, producer, and installation artist. He is co-founder of -OUS and part of the audio-visual collective He has previously released several releases on -OUS, both as a solo artist, and in collaboration with Sara Oswald and Julian Sartorius. Feldermelder's influences range from pioneering early electronic music to contemporary analogue electronics to classic jazz and beyond. The diversity of the music that inspires him is mirrored in his own work, which illustrates an ever-evolving sound, and indicates that influence is seen as both map and compass, guiding divergent inclinations.

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 Fragments of Yesterday 2:32 Buy

    Fragments of Yesterday

  2. 2 Wendys Hollow Path 6:01 Buy

    Wendys Hollow Path

  3. 3 Less Real Than You 3:25 Buy

    Less Real Than You

  4. 4 In Sosteso 1:41 Buy
  5. 5 L'Ennui Hâté 4:02 Buy

    L'Ennui Hâté

  6. 6 Moving Tiles 2:34 Buy
  7. 7 Melee 6:38 Buy
  8. 8 The Place Is What Emerges 2:26 Buy

    The Place Is What Emerges

  9. 9 Setting Things Apart 3:15 Buy

    Setting Things Apart

  10. 10 Perhaps Significant 6:11 Buy

    Perhaps Significant

  11. 11 Non C'é 3:09 Buy
  12. 12 Indefinable Basement 1:57 Buy

    Indefinable Basement

  13. 13 Dance of the Forgotten 1:52 Buy

    Dance of the Forgotten

  14. 14 Shaping the Experience 3:10 Buy

    Shaping the Experience

  15. 15 L'Anticipazione del Futuro 2:01 Buy

    L'Anticipazione del Futuro



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