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The Devil's Walk
The Devil's Walk
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September 2011
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Accomplished, advanced and arresting sixth album from Shitkatapult co-founder, Sascha Ring aka Apparat. Beautiful and choral in places; tense and motorik in others, 'A Devil's Walk' affirms his role as a key composer in the realms of deluxe, electronic pop composition. The album opens with the hymnal, 'Sweet Unrest', with plucky mandolin refrains that wouldn't be too out of place on the soundtrack of a Piers Haggard production from the 70's, or a Marc Wilkinson score from the same era. Then into the rousing single, 'Song Of Los', revealing a more ardent side to Ring's almost Sylvian-esque vocal. Another highlight, 'Black Water' is one of the album's more edgy moments; grinding rhythms roll beneath a wall of kaleidoscopic sound, with dense vocal treatments layered over. All in all, Apparat has caught the very essence of forward-thinking and highly endearing music-making; whether it be stirring electro-pop, or lush, orchestrated instrumental pieces.

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  1. 1 Sweet Unrest 3:34 Apparat Buy
  2. 2 Song of Los 4:32 Apparat Buy
  3. 3 Black Water 4:54 Apparat Buy
  4. 4 Goodbye 4:30 Apparat Buy
  5. 5 Candil De La Calle 4:39 Apparat Buy
  6. 6 The Soft Voices Die 4:23 Apparat Buy
  7. 7 Escape 5:46 Apparat Buy
  8. 8 Ash / Black Veil 5:47 Apparat Buy
  9. 9 A Bang In The Void 6:11 Apparat Buy
  10. 10 Your House Is My World 3:55 Apparat Buy


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