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Erototox Decodings
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March 4, 2022

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There are many “Fausts” in this world, twice as many as there are people in most cases. Yet with the intention of equaled strength is Zappi Diermaier and friendsʼ take on Faust, merely as faust. The lowercase spelling is an emphasis on the original concept of the faust that was truly a collective, free of ʻcapitalizedʼ superiority with a minimalistic intent by making sounds and music with endless improvisation and an unspoken trust in the development of carrying the sound to create something unique, extraordinary and visionary. The traditional approach was not just to make sounds with conventional instruments, but to also include the post-modern sounds of the industrial revolution. Instead of the signature cement mixer and power tools faust is famous for, this version includes many who are engaged in adding varied degrees of other ʻindustrialʼ motifs as ingredients. This time the cast of characters returns to eight members, one more than the original lineup was previously in the days of Wümme. Those members are Zappi Diermaier (Faust) himself on drums, Elke Drapatz (monobeat original) on drum effects, Gunther Wüsthof (Faust) on spieluhr (music box), Dirk Dresselhaus (Schneider TM) on bass and guitar, Andrew Unruh (Einstürzende Neubauten)on metal percussion, Uwe Bastiansen (Stadtfisch Flex) on guitar and samples, Jochen Arbeit (Einstürzende Neubauten) on guitar and loops and Sonja Kosche on self-made instruments, harp and ventilator. Every ʻvoiceʼ heard by each artist contributing to this incarnation of faust is heard clearly. Instead of an amassing miasmic gurgle as of previous, each artist comes through with distinct individual voices that allow the listener to distinguish what each Musician is sonically responsible for in an unintended symphonic fashion. Recording for ,,Daumenbruchʼʼ was done according to the fact that it wasn't possible to play and record together live in the same room because of the pandemic situation, most of the overdubs were committed 'blindly' on top of previously recorded rough mixes of drums & bass which implemented the method of 'chance'. Itʼs where primal instinct can transform into tasteful, calculated chemistry woven from absence, silence and negative space through unspoken means of communication. The basic tracks were recorded by Zappi W. Diermaier, Dirk Dresselhaus and Elke Drapatz in Dirk's studio. They were sent online as rough mixes to the individual musicians who recorded their overdubs independently, not knowing what the other ones would do and sent them back. This method created a result of interesting overlays, patterns and links. The recordings were mixed by Dirk Dresselhaus and Zappi W. Diermaier at the studio ZONE in Berlin. Three long pieces evolved, whose meditative industrial character is based completely on instant composition, waiting to be played live in front of an audience.

Gunther Wüsthof: Spieluhr (Faust)
Zappi W Diermaier: drums (Faust)
Dirk Dresselhaus: bass, guitar (Schneider TM)
Andrew Unruh: metal percussion (Einstürzende Neubauten)
Uwe Bastiansen: guitar, samples (Stadtfischflex)
Jochen Arbeit: guitar, loops (Einstürzende Neubauten)
Elke Drapatz: drum, effects (monobeat original)
Sonja Kosche: self made instruments, harpe, ventilator

  1. 1 Weisse Schokolade 1:55
  2. 2 Default Mood 2:00
  3. 3 Border River (Full version) 1:58

Track List

  1. Weisse Schokolade (22:54)
  2. Default Mood (14:55)
  3. Border River (18:58)


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