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Philippe Hallais (Low Jack)
In Paradisum
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November 6, 2020


Press Release

• 30 minute 2-tracker from Philippe Hallais aka Low Jack • More shapeshifting productions from a gifted, versatile producer Low Jack riffs on love in the age of AI with a head-twisting collage of vaporous ambient, gamelan and candid vocal sampling for his longtime crew at In Paradisum, home to some of his most beguiling experiments. ‘Awesome’ was originally made to accompany a series of events in 2016 surrounding an exhibition by Swiss hacker/rave squad !Mediengruppe Bitnik. On its standalone release, ‘Awesome’ represents some of Philippe Hallais’ most curious work; 30 minutes of queasy music reflecting a perplexing, hypermodern state of mind and a dystopian outlook at the future of AI-driven flirting, sexting, and politicking. As with everything he touches, Hallais injects a strong, if elusive, sense of personality and sensuality that comes to resonate with the original project by Bitnik’s Carmen Weisskopf and Domagoj Smoljo, and the immersive nature of their ongoing Cryptoraves; a series of events accessed by participating in multi-day cryptocurrency mining sessions. The effect of the music is more immediate and visceral in a way perhaps recognisable to anyone simultaneously seduced/ repelled by the disorienting, detached but euphoric and wistful experience of finding and negotiating love online. The results recall the curdled Lynchian vibes of his ‘An American Hero’ for Modern Love, as well as his screwed mixes of Black Zone Myth Chant, the soundtracks to Ryan Trecartin’s deeply uncanny art videos or David Cronenburg’s Videodrome, or the heaving viscosity of Amnesia Scanner & Bill Kouligas’ Lexachast - effectively leaving his usual, warped dancefloor urges aside to present a captivating and insightful reading of techgnostic mysticism and eroticism in modern life.

Philippe Hallais (Low Jack)

In Paradisum

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