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Sleeps In Oysters
We Kept The Memories Locked Away Like The Beetles Of Our Childhood
Catalogue Number
Release Date
16 April 2008
<p>Vivid electro-acoustic pop from the muti-facted musical style of Seed records. Within this beautifully recorded body of work, you'll find a sincere and unaffected vocal performance from lead, Lisa Busby, and the most joyous of post-Aphex/Bjork musical nuances that gently fizz and crackle. Lovely.</p> <p>The CD edition is presented in a hand made, 'soft-furnished' bag within a paper sleeve that are all uniquely wax-sealed. Limited to 200 copies.</p>

Digitale Titelliste

  1. 1 Moths' wings for Lisa 3:32 Kaufen
  2. 2 The tiny lives of flies 5:08 Kaufen
  3. 3 My heart, a hive for bees 4:42 Kaufen
  4. 4 No time like the spiders, Part 1: Where do you go to my lovely? 3:29 Kaufen

    No time like the spiders, Part 1: Where do you go to my lovely?

  5. 5 No time like the spiders, Part 2 4:28 Kaufen
  6. 6 Moths' wings for John 6:01 Kaufen

Sleeps In Oysters


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