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Public Enemy
What You Gonna Do When the Grid Goes Down
Def Jam
Catalogue Number
Release Date
September 25, 2020


Press Release

Returning to Def Jam after more than two decades, Public Enemy is back and louder than ever! What You Gonna Do When The Grid Goes Down is the revitalized social justice anthem of 2020 and the body of work is a call to action, inciting justice for the black community. The album features artists such as DJ Premier, Mike D, Ice-T, PMD, Run DMC, and Jahi. Public Enemy rewrote the rules of hip-hop, becoming the most influential and controversial rap group of the late '80s and, for many, the definitive rap group of all time. Building from Run-D.M.C.'s street-oriented beats and Boogie Down Productions' proto-gangsta rhyming, Public Enemy pioneered a variation of hardcore rap that was musically and politically revolutionary. With his powerful, authoritative baritone, lead rapper Chuck D rhymed about all kinds of social problems, particularly those plaguing the black community, often condoning revolutionary tactics and social activism. In the process, he directed hip-hop toward an explicitly self-aware, pro-black consciousness that became the culture's signature throughout the next decade. While Public Enemy's early Def Jam albums, produced with the Bomb Squad, earned them a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, they continued to release relevant material up to and beyond their 2013 induction. Now, Public Enemy is back, and is ready to tell the world to once again FIGHT THE POWER!

  1. 1 When The Grid Go Down (feat George Clinton) 0:30
  2. 2 Grid (feat Cypress Hill & George Clinton) 0:30
  3. 3 State Of The Union (STFU) (feat DJ Premier) 0:30
  4. 4 Merica Mirror (interlude) 0:08
  5. 5 Public Enemy Number Won (feat Mike D, AD Rock & Run DMC) 0:30
  6. 6 Toxic 0:30
  7. 7 Yesterday Man (feat Daddy-O) 0:30
  8. 8 Crossroads Burning (interlude) 0:12
  9. 9 Fight The Power Remix 2020 (feat Nas, Rhapsody, Black Thought, Jahi, YG & Questlove) 0:30
  10. 10 Beat Them All 0:30
  11. 11 Smash The Crowd (feat Ice-T & PMD) 0:30

Track List

01 – ‘When The Grid Goes Down’ ft. George Clinton
02 – ‘Grid’ ft. Cypress Hill and George Clinton
03 – ‘State of the Union (STFU)’ ft. DJ Premier
04 – ‘Merica Mirror’ ft.. Pop Diesel
05 – ‘Public Enemy Number Won’ ft. Mike D, Ad-Rock, Run-DMC
06 – ‘Toxic’
07 – ‘Yesterday Man’ ft. Daddy-O
08 – ‘Crossroads Burning’ (Interlude) ft. James Bomb
09 – ‘Fight The Power: Remix 2020’ ft. Nas, Rapsody, Black Thought, Jahi, YG, Questlove
10 – ‘Beat Them All’
11 – ‘Smash The Crowd’ ft.. Ice-T, PMD

Public Enemy

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