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Colors Don't Clash
John Hegre
Colors Don't Clash
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November 2018
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Returning to his original instrument the electric guitar, Hegre has produced an extremely diverse album mutating from hypnotic computer loop drones to some glorious free analogue noise, from abstract banjo-like sketches to thick washes of sludgy doom metal and roaring noise rock, from divine electroacoustic sounds to otherworldly countryesque and classical guitar picking, all within one track, and often all at once, with small and simple melodies lurking within huge drifts of sound. And not one element sounds out of place here, it's rather like how collages of seemingly inappropriate bits and pieces create a totally unique surreal atmosphere.

Dozens of small details suddenly appear from nowhere, transforming even the most brutal noise attacks into complex textural arrangements, making this one of the most essential guitar albums of the year. Rather like the music the sleeve is surreal and great to look at for ages.

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  1. 1 Don't 8:47 John Hegre Buy
  2. 2 Worry 8:23 John Hegre Buy
  3. 3 They 9:24 John Hegre Buy
  4. 4 Never 9:43 John Hegre Buy
  5. 5 Do 7:04 John Hegre Buy

John Hegre


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