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Antonia Leukers
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November 16, 2018

Hasenlove" is the debut musical release of Hamburg visual artist Antonia Leukers. She's a founding member of "Institut Hasenbart", a 10-piece artist collective dedicated to a meta-scientific research of hares and related social, zoological and aesthetical phenomena in reference to the art world and pop culture. Leukers has previously created stitched, sewed and animated sculptures while casually growing cucumbers, working for a local in-vitro fertilization hospital and advising young people on erotic issues as a German Dr. Ruth for a popular Online magazine. Inspired by a journey to an Island, hearing local travel guides spontaneously interweaving their narrations with sudden outbursts of folklore chanting and an encounter with Wolfgang M??ller's (Die T??dliche Doris) strategy of transforming and combining his (pseudo-)scientific, documentary and social research into a musical and artistic performance Antonia Leukers started to elaborate her fellow artist's lectures with musical renditions.

As a passionate DIY home-recording artist she has soldered her own microphones, used cheap toy instruments, gameboys and minidisc recordings of kitchen sounds to create her very own bricolage comic universe. By recycling corny AOR mainstream Rock/Pop songs into some oddly disturbing and wonderfully weird rabbit love songs with newly-made German lyrics and combining these with some truly strange original compositions (ranging from freeform collage to distorted techno to deranged singer/songwriter stuff), she has created a musical love story in 7 parts.

Spiritually influenced by (though not really sounding alike) the early 80's German "Neue Deutsche Welle" electronic punk artists such as Der Plan and theatrical and surreal performance bands like The Residents,her versions of popular love songs sound like a teenage/female Andrew Lloyd Webber on bad acid.


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