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The Wind: Original Motion Picture Score
Ben Lovett
The Wind: Original Motion Picture Score
Death Waltz Recording Company
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September 2019
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Emma Tammi’s 2018 film The Wind melds the horror and western genre to tell a tale of isolation and madness on the frontier. The plains-woman protagonist’s slow descent into hysteria couldn’t have sounded so compelling without the aid of the modern king of suspense, Ben Lovett. Tammi’s desolate landscape and chilling atmospheres take shape via Lovett’s searching string work, developing on hauntingly minimal forms with undercurrents of sheer, dissonant terror.

  1. 1 The Wind Ben Lovett 0:51
  2. 2 Demons Of The Prairie Ben Lovett 2:00
  3. 3 Blood On The Table Ben Lovett 0:44
  4. 4 New Neighbors Ben Lovett 0:56
  5. 5 Bearer Of Unhallowed Ground Ben Lovett 0:54
  6. 6 We Shall Be Monsters Ben Lovett 0:59
  7. 7 Spreading The Word Of God Ben Lovett 1:25
  8. 8 Diary Ben Lovett 0:49
  9. 9 Prince Of Pestilence Ben Lovett 2:00
  10. 10 Faith Ben Lovett 1:16
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