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There was a new series of Stranger Things recently - the third, to be precise - so it stands to reason that there is also a new OST for the season being released on Invada. Scoring privileges fell, once again, to S U R V I V E members Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein. The pair stuck to their guns on this one, turning in a typically evocative set of retro-wave synth-pop, John Carpenter-inspired mood pieces and wistful synthetic ambiences. Their work is both dense and melodious enough that it still stands up even when removed from the on-screen action. Please note that Stranger Things 3: Original Score From The Netflix Series is different to the Stranger Things 3 Soundtrack - the latter is a compilation of pre-existing songs used in the show while this one focuses solely on Dixon and Stein’s compositions.

Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein



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