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Semuta Music
J. Wiltshire
Semuta Music
Black Orpheus
Release Date
June 2019
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J. Wiltshire debuts on Black Orpheus (Madteo, J. Albert) with a selection of tender-yet-tough tracks. Semuta Music is an EP that’s equally as comfortable spun on a home stereo as it is in the club. This is due to Wiltshire’s balancing of squelching acid-electro grooves with rich synth pads and little nuggets of melody. Even when things get a little heavier, as they do on the sci-fi-sounding ‘In Your Belly’, Wiltshire still makes sure to keep harmony at the forefront of Semuta Music.

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  1. 1 Semuta 1:28 J. Wiltshire
  2. 2 Lemon Squash 1:30 J. Wiltshire
  3. 3 Hundred 1:30 J. Wiltshire
  4. 4 In Your Belly 1:30 J. Wiltshire
  5. 5 Cymek 1:30 J. Wiltshire

J. Wiltshire

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