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Kuro (OST)
Tujiko Noriko
Kuro (OST)
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kwiecień 2019
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Exciting things afoot at Pan - the Berlin imprint has launched a new sub-label Entopia that focuses on soundtracks. The inaugural Entopia release comes courtesy of Tujiko Noriko and presents her score for the 2017 movie Kuro. This is a gorgeous and tender set of compositions that come from the point where contemporary classical composition, drone, ambient and art music intersect. These misty, dreamlike vignettes kind of sound like Visible Cloaks if you were listening to them through a wall.

Lista ścieżek

  1. 1 Rooftop Tujiko Noriko 4:45 Kup
  2. 2 Karaoke Theme Tujiko Noriko 2:24 Kup
  3. 3 Cyclamen Joji Koyama 1:40 Kup
  4. 4 Akichi Tujiko Noriko / Joji Koyama 2:45 Kup
  5. 5 Grave Flowers Sam Britton / Will Worsley 1:17 Kup
  6. 6 Romi and Kuro Tujiko Noriko 2:17 Kup
  7. 7 Night Park Joji Koyama 1:17 Kup
  8. 8 Mr. Ono Dances Tujiko Noriko / Sam Britton / Will Worsley 1:41 Kup
  9. 9 Broken Records Tujiko Noriko 0:48 Kup
  10. 10 Ride Tujiko Noriko 2:24 Kup
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Tujiko Noriko


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Ambient and Modern Classical

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