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Ikarie XB-1
Zdenek Liska
Ikarie XB-1
Finders Keepers Records
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February 2019
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Finders Keepers continue to shine a light on the Czech new wave with this indispensable score for Jindlich Polák’s 1963 sci-fi zinger ‘Ikarie XB-1’ by Zdeněk Liška.

Much like previous Liška soundtracks Malá Mořská Víla and The Cremator, Ikarie XB-1 offers a dreamlike selection of proto-library and early electronics. A brilliant example of the continued hard work and excavations into the unknown constantly being made by those rare record detectives at Finders Keepers.

Ikarie XB-1 has been fully remastered from the original tapes with the full cooperation of the National Film Archive in the Czech Republic.

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  1. 1 Ikarie XB-1 2:41 Zdenek Liska Buy
  2. 2 Surveillance On Standby/Alpha Centauri 1:50 Zdenek Liska Buy
  3. 3 A Small Stone In Space 0:59 Zdenek Liska Buy
  4. 4 Sunflower For A New Star 0:27 Zdenek Liska Buy
  5. 5 The Backwoods Of The Universe 0:56 Zdenek Liska Buy
  6. 6 Silver Ball (Vera In Cameo) 1:40 Zdenek Liska Buy
  7. 7 E.V.A. Will Teach You 2:38 Zdenek Liska Buy
  8. 8 The Tigers Breath 6:13 Zdenek Liska Buy
  9. 9 The Dark Star 1:50 Zdenek Liska Buy
  10. 10 Do Not Eat The Fruit 0:51 Zdenek Liska Buy
  11. 11 The Awakening 1:02 Zdenek Liska Buy
  12. 12 Voyage to the End (of the Universe) 1:05 Zdenek Liska Buy
  13. 13 The White Planet 0:54 Zdenek Liska Buy

Zdenek Liska

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