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The Possessor Possesses Nothing
The Possessor Possesses Nothing
Bedouin Records
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February 2019
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Bedouin Records (Ekman, AQXDM) release a record of torrid deconstructed club fare from Xosar. The Possessor Possesses Nothing is a tortured LP, one where dischord reigns and the listener is never allowed to settle. Even the album’s most straightforward techno numbers come shrouded in the sort of dense fogs of noise one associates with acts like Prurient and Wolves In The Throne Room. Elsewhere Xosar throws just about every abrasive sonic going at The Possessor Possesses Nothing, from gabba to industrial to the broken-hearted sonics of Ziur.

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  1. 1 Transmogrification 7:19 Xosar Buy
  2. 2 A Heart Encircled by a Serpent 6:48 Xosar Buy
  3. 3 Fantasmagoria 4:46 Xosar Buy
  4. 4 Vibration Acceleration 5:45 Xosar Buy
  5. 5 Pikachu Police State 4:20 Xosar Buy
  6. 6 The Possessor Possesses Nothing 6:09 Xosar Buy
  7. 7 Heavens Gate 9:01 Xosar Buy
  8. 8 Realm Ov Chaos 4:52 Xosar Buy
  9. 9 The Video 3:47 Xosar Buy


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