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Omega Station
Omega Station
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September 2018
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Out on Jahtari, Disrupt’s dub album is a slow and tripped out exploration of sounds inspired by the fictional narrative of an abandoned space outpost titled the Omega Station. For fans of sci-fi, this audiobook of spatial techno, dub and otherworldly sounds will offer some prime listening. With the navigation of the journey controlled using song titles and robotic vocal samples that spell out episodes of malfunction, Disrupt offers a fully fledged production in which the soundtrack plays the starring role.

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  1. 1 Airlock Cycle 3:13 Disrupt Buy
  2. 2 The Escalator 1:18 Disrupt Buy
  3. 3 Observation Deck 3:39 Disrupt Buy
  4. 4 Counterspin 2:00 Disrupt Buy
  5. 5 The Growing Domes 3:07 Disrupt Buy
  6. 6 Coriolis Effect 0:46 Disrupt Buy
  7. 7 The Lab Incident 2:44 Disrupt Buy
  8. 8 Environmental Regulator Malfunction 1:37 Disrupt Buy
  9. 9 Dropping Core 2:10 Disrupt Buy
  10. 10 Launch Window 2:24 Disrupt Buy
  11. 11 Ejection Mass 3:21 Disrupt Buy
  12. 12 The Freezer 1:43 Disrupt Buy



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