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Still Comin' Real
Shawty Pimp
Still Comin' Real
Gyptology Records
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August 2018
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Impeccable rap album/mixtape from Shawty Pimp cut to wax, serious purple haze paranoia hot through some DJ Screw style beat science syrup... Stone cold essential!

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  1. 1 Big Boys Intro 0:13 Shawty Pimp
  2. 2 1 Mean Stang (feat Reddog) 0:30 Shawty Pimp
  3. 3 Come On Wit Me Baby (Alternate Mix) 0:30 Shawty Pimp
  4. 4 Style Like Mine (feat Euphoria Click & Lil West) 0:30 Shawty Pimp
  5. 5 For Them Busta (feat MC Spade) 0:30 Shawty Pimp
  6. 6 You Tell Me (Lil West & MC Spade) 0:30 Shawty Pimp
  7. 7 Pimpin' Still Goin' On 0:30 Shawty Pimp
  8. 8 My 9 Glock (feat MC Spade) 0:30 Shawty Pimp
  9. 9 Ain't To Be Played Wit (feat Mista K) 0:30 Shawty Pimp
  10. 10 Gots To Make Some Money (Alternate Mix) 0:30 Shawty Pimp
  11. 11 Can't Play No Playa (feat Reddog) 0:30 Shawty Pimp
  12. 12 Dedications 0:30 Shawty Pimp
  13. 13 Street Sense 0:30 Shawty Pimp
  14. 14 Revised Dedications 0:30 Shawty Pimp

Shawty Pimp

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