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Comin' Real Wit It
Shawty Pimp
Comin' Real Wit It
L.A. Club Resource
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November 2014
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Delroy Edwards digs up something a little different for a reissue on his LA Club Resource imprint with Memphis rapper Shawty Pimp’s 1995 demo Comin’ Real Wit It. The collection is pimped-out G-funk at its finest, with Shawty Pimp and Reddog effortlessly trading rhymes over stripped bare, grainy, bumping beats with hints of soul samples intertwined. Remastered from the original recordings, it’s a potent reminder of one of the golden ages of rap, as they just don’t make them like this anymore. Fans of early Bone Thug-N-Harmony and Three 6 Mafia better recognize.

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  1. 1 BREAK YOU OFF (feat. Reddog) 4:17 Shawty Pimp Buy
  2. 2 KICKIN? PIMPIN? (feat. Reddog) 4:02 Shawty Pimp Buy
  3. 3 YOU BETTER RECOGNIZE (feat. Reddog) 4:00 Shawty Pimp Buy
  4. 4 I WISH YOU WOULD (feat. Reddog) 4:13 Shawty Pimp Buy
  5. 5 MUCH LOVE IN THE HOOD (feat. Reddog) 4:10 Shawty Pimp Buy
  6. 6 GOTTA MAKE A KILLIN (feat. Reddog) 4:20 Shawty Pimp Buy
  7. 7 PLAY NO PLAYA (feat. Reddog) 4:16 Shawty Pimp Buy
  8. 8 CAMPAININ? PLAYAS (feat. Reddog) 3:48 Shawty Pimp Buy
  9. 9 MAKIN? HEAVY PROFITS (feat. Reddog) 5:37 Shawty Pimp Buy
  10. 10 ONE MEAN STAIN (feat. Reddog) 4:03 Shawty Pimp Buy

Shawty Pimp

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