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One of our favourite tape labels continue down that niche path shared by the likes of Mississippi / Angry Mom and explores a range of early folk songs from the Cajun peoples. Little heard in other parts of the world, this French-speaking hybrid of communal, everyday blues and typical Southern yodelling is one of the most fascinating arrivals we’ve heard in a long time. The lonesome sound of accordion and guitar accompany wailing voices telling stories of decades gone by - imagine the soundtrack to Ghost World, Michael Hurley and Brigitte Fontaine all rolled into one (kind of).

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  1. 1 Bury Me in a Corner of the Yard 3:05 Segura Brothers Buy
  2. 2 The Midnight Waltz 2:39 Lawrence Walker Buy
  3. 3 La Blouse Francaise 2:56 Sydney Landry Buy
  4. 4 Ma Cherie 3:08 Albert Babineaux & Joe Creduer Buy
  5. 5 Bayou Teche 2:55 Columbus Fruge Buy
  6. 6 You Belong to Me 3:02 Artelus Mistric Buy
  7. 7 Quelqu'un Est Jalous 2:48 Delint Guilory & Lewis LaFleur Buy
  8. 8 When I Met You at the Gate 2:56 Oscar Doucet & Alius Soileau Buy
  9. 9 Sur Le Chemin Chez Moi 2:58 Soileau Couzens Buy
  10. 10 A Mosquito Ate up My Sweetheart 2:58 Segura Brothers Buy
  11. 11 The Pretty Girls Don't Want Me 3:14 Adam Trehan Buy
  12. 12 I Woke up One Morning in May 3:04 Didier Herbert Buy
  13. 13 La Valse Du Ballard 3:19 Amede Ardoin Buy
  14. 14 Sur Le Borde De L'Eau 3:19 Blind Uncle Gaspard Buy

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