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My Eight Little Planets
My Eight Little Planets
Sub Rosa
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May 2018
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As well as being some essential listening, this release goes about righting some wrongs. Ash Ra Temple’s Manuel Goettsching’s 1975 LP Inventions For Electric Guitar has long been hailed as a pioneering work of guitar music for its creation of soundscapes and glacial tones via a traditionally rockist instrument, but the truth is that someone else got there first. M.A.L. - Daniel Malempre to those who knew him - had been minting the use of guitar and effects pedals in this manner. The takes he came up with for My Eight Little Planets were all recorded between 1972 and 1976, and Goettsching had actually heard a few of them prior to the release of Inventions … Unsurprisingly, you can hear everyone from My Bloody Valentine to Eric Chenaux to Jonny Greenwood in these haunting, spacey instrumentals.

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  1. 1 Deimos 2:00 M.A.L
  2. 2 Betelgeuse 2:00 M.A.L
  3. 3 Mira 2:00 M.A.L
  4. 4 Elara 2:00 M.A.L
  5. 5 Thor 2:00 M.A.L
  6. 6 Thethys 2:00 M.A.L
  7. 7 Phobos 1:04 M.A.L
  8. 8 Erinome 2:00 M.A.L

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