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Struggle Artist
Struggle Artist
Shelter Press
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May 2018


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Minneapolis native and Sympathy Ltd. boss Meyers (Justin C. Myers to his mother) releases his latest LP via the Shelter Press imprint (Stephen O’Malley, Native Instrument). Struggle Artist is a finely-sculpted work of sound art that is simultaneously downbeat and welcoming, muted and warm. The groundbreaking sonics of Karlheinz Stockhausen are apparent in the way entries like ‘Balloon Etude’ and ‘NPC Loop 2’ flit around the monitors, but there is also a light retro-cinema quality to them reminiscent of Oneohtrix Point Never. At times the skittering, playful synth arpeggios that pop up across Struggle Artists also recall Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith.

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  1. 1 Ambient Role Play 3:34 Meyers Buy
  2. 2 Draw Distance 1:29 Meyers Buy
  3. 3 Balloon Étude 1:26 Meyers Buy
  4. 4 NPC Loop 1 2:35 Meyers Buy
  5. 5 Self Portrait 2:24 Meyers Buy
  6. 6 Limit Break 1:56 Meyers Buy
  7. 7 Ambient Role Play (End) 1:53 Meyers Buy
  8. 8 Granular Opportunities 1 3:11 Meyers Buy
  9. 9 Granular Opportunities 2 3:15 Meyers Buy
  10. 10 Expectations 1 3:00 Meyers Buy
  11. 11 Expectations 2 1:41 Meyers Buy
  12. 12 NPC Loop 2 3:22 Meyers Buy
  13. 13 Noise Artist Cosplay 4:15 Meyers Buy
  14. 14 Struggle Artist 4:02 Meyers Buy

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